Sunday, 19 February 2017

Getting Online with Birth Certificates in India

Birth certificate in India hold great importance as it is the only evidence of age throughout the country. It can be later used to mark your age details on other certificate like matriculation examination sheet, school admission form, marriage certificate, passport, ration card etc. All in all, you need to have your records entered in birth certificate department as soon as possible. In this article we will try to cover several facts that you need to know about birth registration in India.

For reference, do have a look at They have covered tutorials for various birth registration activities like application forms, registration steps, application fee, status check and relevant information. Information is spread across various states, so be sure to check details against your district only. In due course of this article, we will share extract of most important birth certificate related activities. So let's start.

Birth certificate India
Birth certificate India

When is the right time to enroll details with birth records department?

In India, you have the freedom to apply for birth certificate at any stage of life. However for better convenience, it is suggested to apply for birth certificate within first 30 days of the birth. After 30 days, you will need to pay late fee along with written permissions from government officials.

Required Documents

Details like name, time, place birth of the infant is required. As far as the artifacts are concerned then do carry out marriage certificate, ID cards of both the parents. In case delivery is done at hospital then do make sure to carry a copy of entry done at official birth entry register kept at respective hospital.

Application Fee

Minimal application fee is required. It is in range Rs. 1 - 50 only.

Time required to issue birth certificate

Birth certificate is generally issued within first 30 days of the application submission. It mat vary as per the work load and urgency of the application.

This is all about various facts related to birth registration in India. It is as important as other services like passport, Aadhar Card etc. Please let us know your queries and concerns related to birth registration in India.

Private V/S Government Job: Which to choose and why?

Choosing between private and government jobs is a hot topic since the very beginning. Here in this article, we will try to compare both the sectors with best of our experience and will try to figure out the best option between both. Both have respective pros and cons and it is really hard to name best among both. However we will list down pros and cons of both so that you can yourself decide the best among two. Please do let us know your views on same.

Pros and Cons of Private Sector Job

When it comes to private sector then IT and manufacturing industries are referred the most. We will share the pros and cons of having a job in IT industry below (as we are experienced in IT only). We request people from other private sector to mention respective pros and cons of their industries in comments section. Here are the pros and cons of working in IT industry:

  • No bar for right skills
  • Ample options, when market is in good shape
  • Option to work with multiple organizations
  • Onsite opportunities
  • Good infrastructure and working environment
  • Need to be at par with latest technologies
  • Job security risk, especially when market takes the round turn
These are all pros and cons of most of the private sector industries.

Pros and Cons of Government Sector Job

Government sector jobs are usually preferred between two. Main reason is carrier stability and assurance, Once you get into any government job, you have very less (rare I would say) chances of getting fired anytime. Below are some pros and cons of government jobs:
  • Stability in terms of working hours
  • Work life balance
  • Fixed promotions and pay scale
  • No need to be at par with latest changes (however it varies as per the job)
  • Work environment is not that good
We have shared pros and cons of both private and government jobs. Please do share your own views and help us decide which one should one choose and why.